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Pricing and Contact me

Initial Consultation

Every client I treat has a work programme designed to their specific needs, so at the initial appointment it is important that we spend time getting to know you, your ailments and requirements.

£50 which includes consultation and 50 minute Facial or Foot treatment.

Initial Consultation - Reproductive Reflexology

The initial Consultation normally involves both partners after first completing a confidential consultation form and supplying any relevant test results. This in depth meeting normally takes about 60 minutes. Fertility Initial Consultations can take place on line, via Zoom if preferred.

£50 including a client information pack.

If a treatment with Consultation is preferred, this is available too. Prices from £75-£100.

Further Treatments

£45 Facial or Foot Reflexology session (Including Nerve Reflexology if required) - 50 minute session.

£45 Reproductive Reflexology Session - 50 minute duration

£65 for combined Foot(Including Nerve Reflexology if required)and Facial Reflexology - 70 minute session. This combination is proving very beneficial in complicated nerve/brain cases and may be recommended after the initial consultation.

£55 Facial Reflexology including Muscle Stimulation massage - 60 minute session

Mobile Treatments

Mobile treatments to areas covered on my home page are subject to a additional minimum charge of £5-10.This will depend on distance and access i.e. Hospital or Hospice visits

10% discount available when 6 treatments are booked and paid for in advance. (travel is not included in this offer.

For more information on "Wellness Days" and "Reflexology in your lunchtimes", please contact me directly. Corporate rates are available on request.

I would thoroughly recommend having Reflexology in the work place. I look forward to my sessions and feel it a real positive to my working day. I am sure the company benefits from my colleagues and myself receiving this treatment.
D.Cross RBS

GIFT VOUCHERS available - The ideal Birthday, Christmas, Get Well, "You deserve it" gift.

Please contact me for further information or to make an appointment.

Tel: 01895 255773
Mob: 07961 122125
To email me click here

Practice Hours

9.00am-5.30pm Monday-Friday
9.00am -12 noon Saturday

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Private Health Plans - Reimbursements

The following Private health plans Companies recognise my CNHC registration for reimbursement on some of their plans. This means that my clients who are members of these plans can claim for the cost of the Reflexology treatments.

Westfield Health
Health Shield
Simply Health

Please contact these plan providers directly for more information.


Useful Links (Click on the link required)

International Institute of Reflexology

Association of Reflexologists

MNT-NR International - (Nerve Reflexology)

Association of Reproductive Reflexologists

Foresight Charity helping with preconception needs which inlcude hair testing for both partners

The Natural Health Practice Website offering good quality supplements as well as fertility testing and books from Dr Marilyn Glenville PHD a specialist in Nutrional Health. My clients are able to receive a discount on items from this website.

Fertility Friend A recommended website to help you temperature chart your Cycle.

Compementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

Gentle Birthing Method by Dr Gowri Motha

ART (Advanced Reflexology Techniques)

Reflexology for back pain

Association of Reproductive Reflexologists - foot problems and foot care

Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) - Lynne Booth

Facial Reflexology (Sorensensistem)

Facial Reflexology Info


Infertility Network Uk The UKs leading infertility support network.

Fertility Matters Kate Brian advise website, London Representitive for Infertility Network

Human Fertilisation & Embryo Authority Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority - Information about IVF And fertility treatments in the UK.

Fertility Friend Infertility Community in Uk.

Donor Conception Network Support website.

Verity- PCOS charity UK charity for womens with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Surrogacy UK Organisation offering support and information.

Daisy Network Registered Charity supporting those affected by premature menopause.

Endometriosis UK UK Charity giving information and support for those with Endometriosis.

British Infertility Councelling Association Infertility Counsellors and Counselling in the UK

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Dissertation - Advanced Practioner

In June 2021 I was awarded the Association of Reflexologist Advanced Practioner Award in Advanced Reproflexolgy. Credit rated by Edinburgh Napier University.

As part of the course I wrote a dissertation on Hypothyroidism and its effects on Fertility. Press the link to read it.

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Impact of Reflexology on the workplace
Headaches and Migraines
Gynaecological Disorders
Digestive Disorders
Anxiety and Pain relief (Cancer patients)
Chest Disorders
Circulatory System
Post Surgery

Quoted on front page.


A small research study found that women that were receiving reflexology with their radiotherapy rather than simply standard care prevented a decline in quality of life and improved fatigue and sleep quality.


To evaluate the effects of reflexology treatment on quality of life, sleep disturbances, and fatigue in breast cancer patients during radiation therapy.


A total of 72 women with breast cancer (stages 1-3) scheduled for radiation therapy were recruited.


Women were allocated upon their preference either to the group receiving reflexology treatments once a week concurrently with radiotherapy and continued for 10 weeks or to the control group (usual care).


The Lee Fatigue Scale, General Sleep Disturbance Scale, and Multidimensional Quality of Life Scale Cancer were completed by each patient in both arms at the beginning of the radiation treatment, after 5 weeks, and after 10 weeks of reflexology treatment.


The final analysis included 58 women. The reflexology treated group demonstrated statistically significant lower levels of fatigue after 5 weeks of radiation therapy (p < 0.001), compared to the control group. It was also detected that although the quality of life in the control group deteriorated after 5 and 10 weeks of radiation therapy (p < 0.01 and p < 0.05, respectively), it was preserved in the reflexology group, which also demonstrated a significant improvement in the quality of sleep after 10 weeks of radiation treatment (p < 0.05). Similar patterns were obtained in the assessment of the pain levels experienced by the patients.


The results of the present study indicate that reflexology may have a positive effect on fatigue, quality of sleep, pain, and quality of life in breast cancer patients during radiation therapy. Reflexology prevented the decline in quality of life and significantly ameliorated the fatigue and quality of sleep of these patients. An encouraging trend was also noted in amelioration of pain levels.

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Published Aricles

Reflexions Magazine - September 2009 -Oedema, Migraine and High Cholesterol By Beverley Parmar IIR MAR

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The telegraph Article - 31st August 2011



Due to a recent ruling from the Advertising Standards Agency, Reflexologists are not permitted to show full testimonials when the client has used medical terms, names and descriptions in case this is misleading to potential clients. As most of my testimonials have been given before this ruling they do include medical terminology, so i have had to remove them from my website. I have kept them on PDF so if you would like to see them please feel free to email me and i will send them to you. All the signed originals are on file.

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